FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

To Signup for a 30 day free trial: Simply fill out the registration form and your company will instantly be added to DentMate with a 30 day free trial!

The 30 day free trial is for a solo account only, and if you would like to add more techs to your account, you will need to sign-up for a subscription.

To sign-up for a paid subscription: Log into your DentMate account, select "Subscription" from the menu on the left, select the subscription that covers the number of techs you need, and enter your credit card information for billing. After successfully adding your billing information, you can start adding techs to your account.

DentMate supports both smart phones and tablets running Apple iOS and Android. We highly recommend running DentMate on devices that have a minimum of 1GB of Ram.

Apple iOS version 8 or greater, running on:

  • Apple iPhone 5 or greater
  • Apple iPad 3 or greater
  • Apple iPad Mini 3 or greater

Android version 4.4.4 (KitKat) or greater. **Note** There are many versions of hardware running Android, so its near impossible to certify an app on all of them. We highly recommend you test DentMate on your Android device by using our 30 day free trial before purchasing.

**Note** The performance of the barcode scanner can greatly depend on the quality of the camera in your device. Newer devices with higher resolution cameras have better performance when using the barcode scanner.

  • You can review the How-To videos to learn more about using DentMate.
  • You can find us on Facebook, and post a question to the DentMate group.
  • You can open a support ticket by filling out the Contact Us form, and someone from DentMate will respond to you.

For Company Admins (logging into the DentMate website)

If you forgot your password to log into the DentMate website, click here, enter your email address, and your information to be emailed to you.

For Techs (logging into the Dentmate mobile app)

If your forgot your Company ID and/or PIN, just open the DentMate mobile app, go to bottom of the login page, and click on the 'Forgot Password' link. Enter your email address, and your login information will be emailed to you.

Login into your account, click on "Subscription" from the menu on the left navigation pane, and click the 'Cancel Subscription' button. pane. Instructions for continuing the rest of the cancellation will be provided at that time.
To link with a company, the owner of that company will need to add you as a tech on their DentMate account. Afterward they will supply you with the Company ID, and a PIN number.

Once you have the Company ID and PIN number, you can login into that company by providing the Company ID, Your Email Address, and the PIN. The company you are currently linked with will be displayed on the DentMate main menu.

To switch companies: If you are already linked with a company, go to "Settings" from the main panel inside the DentMate Mobile App, Click on "Account Info", scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the "Logout" button. You will be logged out, and sent back to the main login page. From here you can enter a new Company ID and PIN (along with your email address), that has been provided by the new company. This allows you to log in and out of multiple companies when needed.
As the company owner/admin, you can add/remove techs to your account depending on your subscription.

Example: If you have a 2-4 tech subscription (see subscription pricing), you can have up to 4 users on this account. (This includes yourself.)

All DentMate accounts are based on company, and as the owner/admin you are responsible for managing the techs that can write estimates for your company, and for supplying a credit card to pay for the monthly subscription. All payments are billed to the company, and not to the individual tech.

Still Need Help? Open A Support Ticket

If you still need help just submit the contact us form and we'll get back to you.